Admissions numbers affecting Berry’s space

Kelsey Campbell & Faith Mantia, Viking Fusion Reporters; Parker Sealy, Campus Carrier Photo Editor; Emily Faulkner, Campus Carrier Entertainment Editor

With the number of admissions rising, Berry is expanding certain elements around campus. For example, all dorms, except for Ford, will be converted to co-ed beginning in Fall 2013. 

Assistant Dean of Student for Residence Life, Lindsey Taylor, shared the reasoning behind all the changes for the new school year.

“Numbers. And pure break down of how we can house males verses females and how we can utilize our spaces the best,” Taylor said.  

For more information about the modifications of the housing here on campus, Viking Fusion reporter Sarah Monroe has more on the story. /concret5/converrt/index.php/news/boys-are-moving/

Room and board are certainly not the only aspects of Berry that will be seeing a change in preparation for the amount of students projected to be on campus next year.  The post office is just one of the facilities that are ahead of the game.

Manager of mail services, Tammi Crane, says that they prepared for the increase of admissions several years ago.

“Two and a half or three years ago when Berry’s enrollment was projected to increase over the next few years, we began planning for the future then and added an additional 300 mailboxes,” Crane said

In regards to the price of these new mailboxes, Crane says that won’t be an issue.

“[The boxes] have already been bought, installed, paid for and there was no increase in tuition to cover any of that,” Crane explained

Since there are so many student workers in the Post Office, the student work program has decided not to hire additional workers in the mailroom in the coming school year due to limited workspace in that department.

With the development of co-ed dorms and the addition of mailboxes, Berry is getting set for the future. 

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