Field catches fire near Possum Trot

Trevor Sutton, Campus Carrier Staff Reporter

A field near Possum Trot on Mountain Campus caught on fire Tuesday afternoon after a student attempted to drive through the grass.

Sophomore Blake Hudson was driving on a service road off of Possum Trot Road when his car started a brush fire. About three acres of grass were burned, chief of campus police Bobby Abrams said. 


Paul Watson, Editor-in-Chief
A field on Mountain Campus catches fire Tuesday after a student drove through the
grass, starting the brush fire. About three acre of grass were burned, but the Rome Fire
Department extinguished the fire before anyone was injured.

“I was driving and then there was smoke, so I got out and saw that there was a fire under my car,” Hudson said.

He got back in his car and backed it out of the burning brush.  He attempted to put out the flames, but because of the high winds, the fire spread quickly.  Rome Fire Department put out the flames before any more damage was done.

 “[My car] just smokes sometimes. As bad as it sounds, I am not very surprised that it would do this,” Hudson said.

He believes that something was stuck in the undercarriage of his car, creating enough friction to start the fire.

                                                                                                                               No one was injured from the incident. 

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