Madrid street art fills the neighborhood with color

Transforming Lavapiés into a work of art. 

By Bailey Powers and Brittany Strickland

MADRID- One way to discover a city’s identity is by looking at it’s walls. Graffiti is a form of artistic expression that some Madrileños appreciate in public areas of the neighborhood of Lavapies. Some artists choose this form of expression to share their political and social views. Graffiti artist Ciril23 said, “I paint on the streets so that people who may not normally see art will be able to experience it as well.” He said that art is something for everyone and should be enjoyed by all.

In the streets of Madrid graffiti is encouraged and appreciated by some residents, though it is illegal in all but a few specified areas where it is permitted. “Street art is a part of the culture in Madrid,” said Patrice Olivar, resident of Lavapies. She said, “residents encourage the art because it brightens the neighborhood.”

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