Women’s lacrosse falls to Piedmont College

Nick Vernon, Campus Carrier Sports Editor

The women’s lacrosse team won seven straight games, including two in conference, prior to picking up their third loss in a row on Tuesday to Piedmont College.

The Vikings are now 3-2 in conference and 7-4 overall.

All of the team’s victories this season have featured the Vikings scoring no more than 15 goals on offense, and mostly limiting their opponents to only a few goals.

The team’s defense hasn’t been able to produce the same results in their last three matches, allowing each team just over 20 goals.

The offense will also hope to recapture their consistent scoring from earlier in the year.

The lacrosse team will look to break their losing streak and get back to their winning ways on Saturday against Centre College. 

Centre is ranked below the Vikings with a 3-2 conference record and 4-8 overall record.

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