Library Opens New Dining Options

New POD Market offers students expanded food options

Madelin Ryan, Viking Fusion Reporter


On Tuesday morning, the library opened a new dining area next to Java City that provides more food options for students.

It consists of four sections: a Coca-Cola cooler with soft drinks, a refrigerated section, a snack module and a freezer. This will stock items such as Lunchables, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, sodas, chips and Bagel Bites.

“We used a study that found the top 15 nationally ranked snacks for college students and chose to provide those products,” said Director of Aramark Services Fraiser Pearson.

The POD (Provisions on Demand) also has a microwave for students who choose to cook the frozen options at the time of sale.

Instead of buying coffee from Java City, students will purchase all items at a central register. Students are able to use Flexbucks, cash or card.

Pearson says the school noticed an evident growing customer base in the library.

“Students started migrating to ‘Club Lib’ as they call it, around 10 o’clock so this will provide a late night food option,” said Pearson, “In the winter when it gets cold and dark earlier, people might not want to travel all the way to Krannert.”

This new addition will have the same hours of operation as Java City.

Some students living near the library are excited to have dining options on that side of campus.

“I study better when I have food so it’s always good to have a convenient option nearby,” said Phillip Robinson, resident at Thomas Berry.

On the other hand, some students are concerned that there won’t be options that fit their dietary restrictions.

“It’s definitely good for students who sit here and study for hours and hours and don’t want to walk to Krannert for a snack,” said Khari Nickoli, a Junior living in the Townhouses, “As a vegetarian I worry if there will be options for me.”

Dining services appreciates feedback and encourages students to send in suggestions and comments to


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