New Faculty bring experience to campus

by Madelin Ryan, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

Joyce Heames voices fresh ideas for business school

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“I have come back to my academic roots,” Heames said. “I feel like everything in my life has brought me to this moment.”

As reflected in her goals for the department and community, the new Campbell School of Business dean believes in keeping one’s heart open to the opportunity to serve. This desire comes from a rather unorthodox source.

“The legend of the unicorn was that it was a beautiful creature on earth for a short period of time and if you have the good fortune of a unicorn, it brought you peace and love and prosperity,” Joyce Heames said. “Ultimately the unicorn died of a broken heart because of all the evil in the world. I read that 30 years ago, and it really resonated with me.”

Her office is full of unicorn mementos and she has a collection of over 300 in various formats and media. 

John Grout, the previous dean and current Garrett Professor of business, resigned after nine years as dean. When the search for a replacement started, Grout believed someone outside of Berry would be a good fit. 

“I thought some fresh eyes on the program would be good and so far she’s doing fantastic,” Grout said. 

Heames has been working in higher education since 1991 and stepped into the position of dean in July of this year. She plans on staying here for five to 10 years and will teach at least one course a semester. Back at a private liberal arts college, Heames feels like she’s come full circle. 

“I have come back to my academic roots,” Heames said. “I feel like everything in my life has brought me to this moment.” 

One of her favorite courses to teach is Corporate Social Responsibility. Students take on a hypothetical allocation committee for a large corporation and analyze proposals from non-profits to choose the one that would best pair with the corporation. 

“It’s very important for any business school to look outward as well as inward and see what the needs of the community are,” Heames said. 

She hopes to adapt the MBA program to fit the needs of the Rome community, offering choices such as a retail restaurant management program or a health care administration track. 

Heames plans to introduce an applied learning program for undergraduate students. 

“In science, students work in a lab,” Heames said. “In business, we have to bring that laboratory to them.”

This program will include case studies based on real business ventures. Heames said she wants to couple this with an increase in study abroad involvement from the school’s current rate of 10% to 50% by 2020. 

In her three months at Berry, the new dean has already started the Campbell Young Business Advisory Council, a group of alumni who will share information they’ve taken from the classroom to the real world. 

“We have beautiful campus and a strong liberal arts foundation that is a great place for a business school to be because it broadens our perspectives,” Heames said. 

New theatre director makes Berry her new home

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The newest face of the Berry Theater Program specializes in acting, directing, and southern drama. She said she’s already fallen in love with the Berry community and hopes to continue here for as long as possible. 

Anna Filippo has nearly three decades of teaching experience. She earned her doctorate from the University of Georgia and taught at Augusta University and Austin Peay State University. Filippo always knew theatre was what she wanted to do with her life.  She started teaching at age 23 and wants to continue her journey at Berry.

“I’m impressed with the passion the students here have,” said Filippo. “Even the Experiencing Theatre students get excited.”

Filippo said she was aware of Berry’s growing theatre program before she was hired. She expects the growth to continue when the new building is completed. 

In the mean time, Filippo said she plans on bringing out-of-the-box thinking to sets and design. In the past, she produced and directed a number of historical outdoor performances, and she plans to use the campus as a stage more often as the theatre program continues to grow. She believes this will give the program a competitive edge and increase the production value. 

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