Change your attitude, change the nation

by Claire Voltarel, Campus Carrier Opinions Editor

After the inauguration last Friday, many citizens find themselves discouraged, confused or hesitant about the future of our nation. Others may find themselves confident and hopeful for our new leader. Either side, our reactions hold a lot of energy. 

Regardless of party, race or gender, as a close knit community we have more control over these next four years than it may appear. This energy can be streamlined into an optimistic purpose. 

While a change in presidency holds a large amount of weight in our country, it is important to remember that pride and confidence in America begins with us. 

The preamble of our U.S. Constitution does NOT begin with “I the President.” We the People carry the responsibility of shaping our nation into what we want it to be. Staying optimistic through changes in our country is something we all can control. 

Our daily actions can have a positive impact on the people around us. If everyone contributes to their families, schools and communities, we can add to the greater sum of good. 

Be the best citizen you can be. Start at home. Be a better sibling, parent or friend. Be a supportive roommate, an active student, a strong club member. Be the employee your coworkers can ask for help and your boss can count on. Be the neighbor you’d want to live next to. Every action has a reaction that can spark unity and a drive to reform our country. 

We are fortunate to be a part of the Berry community where help for any issue is readily available. Several staff are willing to provide students with the mentor or friend they need. As members, we can entrust in our community and work to make improvements.

Whether you’re a captain of the swimming team, a loyal PALS member or a part of the grounds crew, we are surrounded with support and opportunities to give support back.  Berry provides many chances to serve our campus and Rome through the school; however your service can be as minimal as helping a peer with homework.

Taking local actions will prove more rewarding than hoping to make a change at the national level. While our Bubble is one area in a very large nation (and mostly trees and deer), we can continue to keep it a safe and supportive environment. 

With more members making these efforts in their area, communities can add up to towns, to cities, to states, and a wave of optimism and comfort can flood our nation. This goal seems rather large, but the effect it could have is larger and more powerful. It’s not going to hurt anyone to strive to be a better person!

Staying motivated is a difficult task when one’s financial, physical or social status depends on a higher level official and the future is unclear. However, we can help ourselves and each other through the hardships and worship together in high times, regardless of party affiliation. 

Not everyone can change the world, but if each individual lifts a little, together we can carry a heavier load to form a more perfect union.

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