Excitement builds as game approaches

By Jameson Filston, Campus Carrier Arts & Living Editor

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Spencer Perry (second from the left) sits with his mother and brothers at the Falcons playoff against the Packers.

Super Bowl weekend is fast approaching, and Berry’s super-fans are waiting with anticipation. 

For the first time since 1999, the Atlanta Falcons will compete in the Super Bowl, which brings local excitement to rare heights.

Now is a good time for fair-weather friends, but some Berry students are never afraid to flaunt Falcons colors. Spencer Perry, a senior and Georgia native, has a “Falcon Friday” every week, his day to wear Falcons gear, while Antonio White, a junior, claims that he has enough Falcons apparel to wear it exclusively for at least a week and a half.

Perry will head to Houston for the Sunday game. Perry has a long history of attending Falcons games, and has had a season pass since 1999.

“I’m just a homegrown guy,” Perry said, “I always root for the home team.”

 Perry’s excitement for the Falcons has evolved over the years from simple family fun to a love for the game and the team. 

“It was just fun to hang out with the family before I actually knew what was going on,” Perry said about his younger years.

White described the moment he remembers becoming a fan of the team. In middle school, he attended a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Michael Vick, the quarterback at the time, made a big impression on White. 

“I was in amazement,” White said, “I fell in love ever since.” 

Perry and his family have many traditions to help get them excited for game day. Perry describes himself as a dedicated fan, and can usually be found tailgating with his family bright and early on game days. He and his brothers each have a jersey of their favorite player. His jersey is for Julio Jones, whom he describes as the best wide receiver in the game.

He has never gotten to meet his favorite player, but both fans have had the opportunity to meet Michael Vick. White spoke positively about the meeting and called it an “experience.”

White also has traditions with his family. Before a game, whether at home or at school, White discusses the game with his father. Afterward, they discuss how the Falcons could have improved their performance.

While both fans enjoy this these family experiences, they have their own practices as well. Both students have special game day apparel, which consists of a Julio Jones jersey for Perry and a lucky T-shirt for White, and they hold a strong significance. 

“It’s a sacred thing,” Perry said about his jersey.

Similarly, Perry and White were sure that the Falcons would win. They expect a victory, but acknowledge that a loss could happen. Neither likes the idea. 

“I might go into hiding for a couple of weeks,” said White with a laugh. 

Since Perry will be at the game, he is anticipating emotions to be high. Because of this more invested experience, it would be “pretty upsetting” for him if the Falcons lost. However, he wants to have confidence in his team, and is excited to attend.

Whatever the outcome, the Falcons fans believe that it has been a great year for the Falcons. White expressed his excitement for the new Georgia Dome as well as the Super Bowl run. Perry also believes that it has been a special year. 

“I’m glad we made it to where we are,” Perry said, “Hopefully we’ll get some respect.”

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