A chocolatier and a writer: Rome’s Valentine’s event

Chocolate maker Nan Selman and published author Lonie B. Adcock host book signing and chocolate tasting at the Rome’s Visitors Center.

Chandler Lawrence, Viking Fusion Reporter

MOUNT BERRY, GA – Nan Selman is a Roman farmer, chocolatier, and crafter. In the warmer months, she holds a farmers market at the Rome Visitors Center and sells fresh produce and canned goods. On request, she also sells handcrafted chocolate and products crafted from organic and rustic materials.

“I like to take other people’s junk and turn it into something,” said Selman.

For the past two years Selman has been selling her chocolate at the Rome Visitors Center’s The Last Stop Gift Shop for Valentine’s Day. This year she has chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows, an assortment of chocolate candies and chocolate bouquets available for purchase.

She also sells her chocolate and other goods from her store, Selman’s Country Store.

“I am in hopes of one day having an actual location but I run it out of my home right now,” said Selman.

She started by giving her sweets and canned goods to friends on holidays. Then her friends began requesting her to make their favorites throughout the year. Eventually one of her friends told her that she needed to start selling her chocolates so she established Selman’s County Store seven years ago.

Though she dabbles in a bit of everything, Selman admits that chocolate has always been her favorite.

“I took old recipes from my mother and sister and tweaked them and made them my own. If someone can tell me what they want, I can come up with a recipe,” said Selman.

If you want to learn more or put in a request you can find Selman on Facebook at Selman’s Country Store or call her at 706-622-1123.

MOUNT BERRY, GA – Lonie B. Adcock is a local author. Last year, he published his latest book, Newspaper Stories: Old Geezers which is part of his Memories of an Old Geezer collection. He has published six books in total.

Before he became a writer, Adcock was a Rome police officer for 32 years. When he retired he found that he had more time to devote to his first love, writing.

His books mainly focus on stories that he heard about or was a part of when he was a cop and new stories he has written over the years. He has also written a children’s book, Elmer the Dancing Turtle.

“Most everything written in these books are facts, except in my book Fact and Fiction. Half of it is true happening and half of it is pure imagination,” said Adcock.

Money is not of any interest to Adcock. He says he writes simply for the love of storytelling.

“This is what I enjoy doing, I don’t do it for the money. I just try and make enough one the books to print another book,” said Adcock.

Adcock recently had a book signing of his most recent book at the Rome Visitors Center’s The Last Stop Gift Shop in an event with local farmer and chocolatier Nan Selman. All of Adcock’s books are available at The Last Stop Gift Shop.

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