Berry SGA elected for next school year

The results are in for the 2017-2018 vice president of administration and senior, junior and sophomore class officers.

Saif Sarfani, Viking Fusion Reporter

The Berry College student body has chosen the following students to represent them. The names and positions are as followed:

VP of Administration:

Will Kenworthy

Senior Class:

Anna Walker, President

Ethan Hawkland, Vice President

Ellen Summerlin, Secretary

Andersen Carter, Treasurer

Junior Class:

Dominic Miller, President

Alexi Bell, Vice President

Caroline Stiles, Secretary

Momo Abdellatif, Treasurer

Sophomore Class:

Bailey Dingley, President

Haley Edmondson, Vice President

Erin Jagus, Secretary

Coleman Ott, Treasurer

Vice President of Administration Will Kenworthy said he plans on working with the rest of the class officers and the executive board to ensure Berry students are heard.

“I want to make sure that Berry will, and continue to offer great opportunities to the student body so we can excel in and out of the classroom,” Kenworthy said.

Class officers hold socials for their respective classes and raise funds for the spring formal, which the junior class hosts each year. They also confer with administrators on issues. The president of each class is automatically a SGA representative and represents their class’s view to SGA and keeps SGA informed of all class events.

Senior Class President Anna Walker said she wants to represent the voice of her class through the committees on which she will serve.

“Some specific things I plan to address are making sure the opinions of my fellow classmates are not only heard, but acted on,” Walker said. “Some fun events I would like to plan are bringing food trucks to campus and a writing party where students can spread love and encouragement on campus through handwritten letters.” 

Senior Class Secretary Ellen Summerlin said that she wants to be a direct line between students and the officers.

“We don’t want them to feel like they can’t talk to us or that if they do, nothing will happen,” Summerlin said. “I hope that if the senior class has an issue they are experiencing, I want them to feel free to tell me.”

Junior Kassie Jones was elected SGA president on February 17.

Everyone will start their new positions effective August 21.  

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