Our View: What will you leave behind?

The Carrier’s editorial opinion represents the views of the senior members of the Campus Carrier and Viking Fusion news staff.

Recently, a sign was erected at the main exit from Berry, which states “I pray that I may leave the world more beautiful than when I found it.” A quote from our founder, Martha Berry, but it’s a sentiment that’s been echoed for ages. What is it that makes life worthwhile? Answer: Acting in a way that makes a positive impact on someone or something.

 As this year’s class of 2017 graduates and moves on, we hope you feel that you have left the world, and Berry, better than they found it. To those who are not graduating, you still have time to leave your mark. 

Berry is a unique place where students have the opportunity to maintain and strengthen our community. Berry challenges its students to live by their head, heart and hands. We are known for being passionate, engaged and hard-working individuals, dedicated to our community. 

Once August rolls around, upperclassmen will be charged with taking up the mantle and helping underclassman learn the ropes. This charge encompasses four main areas of involvement that students should engage in to keep Berry a beautiful, open and dynamic community.

Be a Good Steward

We are the only students in the world who can boast a campus of more than 27,000 acres. It is our job (literally for some) to keep this land clean. While that doesn’t mean every person needs to clean out the reflection pools at Ford, it does require every student to understand how to live sustainably, and do their part in keeping Berry clean while maintaining a healthy ecosystem. 

Alongside the environmental aspect of stewardship, it is the responsibility of students to voice concerns and praise with the running of the community at large. Let your leaders know when and where change needs to happen, help if you’re able, and offer thanks when it happens. Let effective leaders know they’re appreciated.

Mentor Others

You’re graduating with a degree in something. You’ve spent several years learning. Share that knowledge with your peers. This doesn’t always have to be a senior/freshman dynamic. You can mentor anyone if you have expertise in an area. Don’t be afraid to teach others what you’ve gained from various classes, jobs and life experiences. One person may be really great at math, but another might be really solid at providing emotional support – those individuals might be able to learn a lot from each other. Upperclassman, impart Berry values on underclassman. Smooth transitions in leadership from year to year is an integral part of maintaining community growth and acceptance with an ever-changing student body.

Keep up with the Times

Be aware of your government at all levels, and do your part to be informed. Keep up with the news and the impact it may have on yourself and others. This includes Berry policies under discussion – be aware of what’s happening on campus! We have the unique opportunity to be a fundamental part of changes made at Berry, and the more students are involved in the process for making change, the more progressive and applicable the change will be to future students.

Branch Out

Get out! Get out of your comfort zone, out of your major, out of your regular table for lunch – the best way to experience the world is by participating in it. Encourage your friends and peers to be involved in disciplines beyond their major – we have to recognize connections in order to grow together. Educate your head, hands and heart by opening them up and being involved.

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