ASC renovation promotes success for all students

Claire Voltarel, Campus Carrier deputy news editor

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Bailey Albertson | CAMPUS CARRIER
The newly renovated Academic Success Center provides a student-oriented study space in the basement of the Memorial Library.

Berry’s Academic Success Center underwent several renovations this summer as a part of their effort to become a study hub on campus. 

Located in the Memorial Library basement, the ASC is dedicated to providing guidance to students via multiple forms. Students have the opportunity to have a one-on-one consultation, attend group sessions on almost any subject or freely study in an open environment and ask questions as needed.

The Physical Plant completed the update in July, helping the ASC further their effort of creating a welcoming environment to any student. From floor to ceiling, the downstairs commons received a brand new look. What used to be a dysfunctional, low-lit basement has transformed into a bright space, incorporating student-oriented updates such as playful decorations and comfortable chairs. 

“The space is aesthetically pleasing now,” Sharpe said. “I think before, it was a deterrent and an obstacle to getting students to come down here.”

Sharpe hopes to make the space available to students wanting assistance or anyone wanting a clean area to study. The ASC now includes a discussion-based section, a quiet room, along with several other amenities such as tables and whiteboards free for use. The ASC also shares the space with the Honors Commons, which provides students with coffee and more areas to work, according to ASC marketing and outreach coordinator, sophomore Olivia Mead. 

“It’s a safe space to be who you are, study what you want to study and even do your own personal career work,” Mead said. 

The ASC is striving to change the stigma around tutoring. Student director, junior Dominic Miller, hopes the ASC will break the negative association with getting academic help. 

“A lot of students make it a pride thing,” Miller said about student’s hesitations about tutoring.

According to Mead and Sharpe, the goal of the ASC is to encourage students of any major, GPA, or interest to feel welcome to pursue any of their work and provide guidance when requested. Peer tutors and ASC staff are trained to help with various areas, from note taking and organizational skills to biochemistry test prep, according to Sharpe. Students do not need to have specific reason to use the facility.

“It’s okay to not know what you need,” Sharpe said.

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