Our View: Nevada Shootings

The editorial board of The Campus Carrier and Viking Fusion would like to express our concern and disbelief over the shooting in Nevada. 

Once more information is made known to the public, we will release an official article concerning the shooting. Until then, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to those affected by this heinous act of violence. Together, we mourn over the uneccessary loss of life at the hands of hatred. 

It is dishearttening that this is the state of our nation today. One would hope that we have made progress towards more peaceful times, yet events such as the shooting in Nevada prove otherwise. 

As our nation reels from such a devastating tragedy, we must promote peace and kindness, be a shoulder to cry on, a friend to lean on, all in the hopes that our efforts will be some consolation to the famillies mourning over the loss of loved ones. 

We at The Campus Carrier and Viking Fusion can only hope that a tragedy like this does not happen again. We will continue to think of the victims and their families as they go through the process of grief and recovery.

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