Mountain Day through the Years

Megan Benoit, Campus Carrier Features Editor

Leo Narrison, Asst. Features Editor

1940s R.jpg
1940s – The Grand March is a tradition that occurs in the same place on Mountain Campus each year. Students drop pennies into a basket, then begin to link hands as they walk down the hill.


1978 R.jpg
1978 – During Mountain Day Olympics, students compete with their respective residence halls in a series of games. The 3-legged race (pictured above) is no longer an event in today’s games.


1987 R2.jpg
1987 – Underlcassmen women wear light pink and underclassmen boys wear light blue, while senior women wear light blue and senior men wear white. This tradition originated from the uniforms students were required to wear.


1987 R.jpg
1987 – Each year, a buffet-style picnic is held on Mountain Campus prior to the Grand March.


1990s R.jpg
1990s – Students compete in tug-of-war. This game today is one of the most competitive in the Mountain Day Olympics and is worth the most amount of points.


1990 R.jpg
1990 – The water relay is still a part of Mountain Day Olympics today. Students carry a cup of water across the field and attempt to fill a bottle, helped by a teammate. The first dorm to fill the bottle wins.


2017 R.jpg
Bailey Albertson | CAMPUS CARRIER
2017 – In honor of Martha Berry’s 152nd birthday, 592 students participated in the Grand March.


2017 R2.jpg
Katie Sweeney | CAMPUS CARRIER
2017 – The hula hoop relay involves students standing in a line, holding hands while passing a hula hoop up and down the line.

Photos courtesy of Berry College Archives and Cabin Log

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