Valkyrie magazine releases first issue of the year

John Catton, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

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Bailey Albertson | CAMPUS CARRIER
Valkyrie staff and students socialize at the release party in the Jewel Box on Monday, Oct. 30.

Among the festive atmosphere of popcorn and music at the Deerfield Jewelbox, the staff of Valkyrie magazine released their latest issue on Monday. 

“I think this is the best issue we have out so far,” sophomore Hannah Hardwell, Valkyrie’s managing editor, said. 

The latest issue is sleeker and fresher than before, sporting a new logo and covering a variety of different topics, from dorm recipes to fashion choices. However, the Valkyrie staff are not afraid to write about more serious, hard-hitting topics, such as how to handle a pregnancy scare and the controversy surrounding Residence Life restructuring, much to the appreciation of Valkyrie’s readership. 

“I thought it was a really cool magazine,” said senior Jessica Cotter. “I really liked how it covers such a variety of subjects.”

Sophomore Emma Duke, director of public relations and marketing for the magazine, credits the success of the issue to the amount of work the Valkyrie staff put into planning the issue. 

“We really wanted to make this issue special,” Duke said. “It’s very fresh. I am excited to hear what readers think.”

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Bailey Albertson | CAMPUS CARRIER
Seniors Jessica Cannon and Abbie Smith look at Valkyrie magazine’s latest issue online.

Junior Sara Arms, Valkyrie’s editor-in-chief, is greatly impressed with how the magazine has improved since its conception a year ago. Readership has increased from roughly 2,000 to 4,000, and the magazine is finally financially able to move to print editions instead of only digital. She credits this success to the ability of the staff to work as a team. 

“We really have put our hearts in this issue in that we have got to dig deeper for our spreads,” Arms said. “I believe that it adds a level of depth.”

The new print editions of Valkyrie magazine will be distributed on campus next week. 

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