Delight women’s ministry now on campus

Claire Voltarel, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

Berry’s new women’s ministry, Delight, debuted this semester in hopes to provide a space for girls to come together on campus.

Berry’s chapter of the nationwide ministry, started by senior Amoriah Shaw, creates unity through vulnerability among college women and its Christian themes. The group hopes to provide a space for women to be themselves and provide for each other. 

“We strive to be a community available for women to have a place they can go and have people they can lean on,” junior member Jessica Hayhurst said. 

According to Shaw, Delight’s national ministry follows a curriculum, including a book with stories of other women and their shared college struggles that guides the group through the semester. The meetings include times for bonding and worship, but the primary focus is the vulnerability and authenticity manifesting through the stories, Hayherst said. Members read a story for the week to relate, discuss and ultimately empower. 

“That’s where the vulnerability comes in,” Hayhurst said. “We try to be as vulnerable as we can to foster that in other girls so they are not afraid to share if it’s something that’s close to their heart.”

Shaw said Delight has four parts that make up their mission and reach outside of their group. After their weekly meetings, the group sponsors events on campus to provide times for socializing. In the community, Delight is partnered with Rome’s Hospitality Home that assists women and children in positions of domestic abuse. This semester Delight will host a winter clothing drive for these victims. Finally, individuals take part in “Delight Dates.” Members take the opportunity to get to know another member by getting coffee or grabbing dinner to continue their goal of a small community. 

“Our overall goal is to see Delight flourish,” Shaw said. 

Shaw was inspired to begin the program at Berry after hearing about it through friends from other colleges that held chapters. Both Shaw and Hayhurst felt there was a lack of small community, particularly for women on Berry’s campus. 

“There’s a lack of vulnerable community for women, having a safe place to share and be real about the struggles that you deal with in college,” Shaw said.

Shaw noted her desire to have a similar space when she was a freshman. According to Hayhurst, Delight caters to freshmen who may need that sense of family. 

Upperclassmen hope these freshmen members will continue the growth of the program throughout campus. While Delight serves as one of Winshape’s Community Impact Teams, Shaw said the group is hardly affiliated and is open to any student to join their authentic community. 

Delight meets every Tuesday from 7-8:30. Their community event, “Flannels and Friends,” will host fall events and snacks and take place Nov. 28.

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