Razors down, awareness up

Megan Benoit, Campus Carrier Features Editor

Leo Narrison, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor

Embracing hair by not shaving for a month provokes conversation and interest, and this awareness is one of the goals behind No-Shave November. 

No-Shave November began on Facebook in 2009, but has recently partnered with the American Cancer Society. Participants forgo shaving for the entire month of November, and put the money they would spend on grooming toward cancer research, prevention and education. 

Junior Jessie Cathcart, president of Colleges Against Cancer at Berry, decided to start promoting this month of awareness when she came hto Berry in 2015. 

“The mission of No-Shave November is to raise men’s cancer awareness on campus and to get participation by all students, both boys and girls, toward our fundraising mission with the American Cancer Society,” Cathcart said. 

Students register and compete for the best beard and the most funds raised. The winner receives a t-shirt and bragging rights. 

“The best beard, which will be voted on campus, will win a t-shirt that says ‘Berry College Best Beard 2017,’ and the student that can get the most money raised in support of them growing out their beard wins 100 free flexbucks uploaded to their account next semester. If they are graduating early we will give them a $100 visa gift card,” Cathcart said. 

This year about 20-25 students signed up online to compete.

“I think No-Shave November is a good movement,” senior Matt Zimmerman said. “I like how it raises money and awareness, and honestly my beard was getting too thick. Plus, I love the competition of it.”

Sophomore Jared Deaton has participated for the last four years. He did not register to compete, but is passionate about No-Shave November’s mission.

“I do it because I did some research on it and found out it was for cancer awareness,” Deaton said. “Typically, when you don’t shave, you save all the money you would spend on either razors or shaving cream and donate it to cancer research. Also, just to appreciate the hair that you have because lots of times cancer patients will lose their hair.”

Colleges Against Cancer also puts on other events throughout the year that promote awareness, provide education, and fundraise. Events include a pink-out football and volleyball game, an education week about cancer each semester, a purple out basketball game in February for World Cancer Day, and a relay partnership event with Floyd County in April.

“We also do some little things on the side, like writing letters to Girls Love Mail which sends letters to little girls in elementary or middle school that are fighting cancer,” Cathcart said.

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