You have every reason to be happy

John Catton, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

I was recently asked, “Why are you always so happy?” At the time, I did not have a clear answer. It’s not a very usual question for me, but I as began to really think about it, I soon realized that we have every reason to happy. Each one of us has an enumerable number of blessings each day that we take for granted, whether it’s the fact that you go to one of the most beautiful campuses in the world, or the mere fact that we are able to contribute a verse to the song that we call life. Isn’t that amazing? Each day we are given is a gift, and each morning we are able to chart our own destiny. Why spend it being sad? Why worry? Would our sadness and worries make our lives any better, or easier? I should say not! It is true, that hardships do come, but they also likewise pass. An optimistic way of viewing life doesn’t mean that you are immune to the challenges that come with it, nor does it mean you are naïve to the struggles of others. But it does mean that you value the life you have, both the good and the bad, and have faith in in what lies in store for the future. 

We as a community have been challenged recently with the unexpected loss of several members of the Berry family. Dr. Lawler, David Shankles and Joesph McDaniel all were greatly loved by our community, and it can be very difficult to move past our feelings of grief. However, I believe that we should celebrate their lives by living each day to the fullest and making the most of our lives. I cannot speak for any of them, but I say that they would have all wanted us to make the most of every second that we have. And I believe that we can serve their memories best, by sharing our happiness with others. 

So to answer that question, I would say that I am happy because I have every reason to happy. I am blessed to have the lot in life that I have, and despite the hardships of the present, I have faith that what lies in my future will be bright. However, that can be a challenge right now. As this semester is winding down to its close, now more than ever, we are all torn into a million different directions, between classes and our extra curriculars. It seems almost as though we brag to each other about how much work we have when we should be focused on the simple things that make us #blessed. Luckily, next Thursday, Thanksgiving will provide us just that very opportunity. Aside from the wonderful food and football that usually comes with it, lets focus on what makes our lives beautiful: our friends, our family and faith. Let’s return back to school rested, reenergized and ultimately, happier. 

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