Escape room opens on Broad Street

Kendall Aronson, Campus Carrier Asst. Arts & Living Editor

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Jameson Filston | CAMPUS CARRIER
Colosseum Escape Room is a new business on Broad Street, run by locals Spencer and Joy Thomas. Participants are locked inside one of two escape room options and must attempt to break out in under an hour using only materials found inside the room.

Rome’s first escape room, Colosseum Escape Room, opened on Broad Street this past December. It currently offers two different escape experiences, the Rome Escape Room and Code Breaker. The business plans to add more rooms as it grows. Both rooms cost $22 per person, and reservations can be made on their website. It is run by Spencer and Joy Thomas. 

In a regular escape room, the participant is locked in a room with an hour to escape using only the tools and supplies which are available in the room. Many escape rooms have stories associated with them, or different themes to make the experience even more unique. 

The Rome Escape room, one of the two rooms at the Colosseum, has a variety of different puzzles which have been creatively designed. Its use of different senses was particularly creative, requiring participants use smell, touch and listening skills in order to solve the puzzles. 

One downside is that the Rome Escape room lacked a cohesive storyline as to how the participants were trapped in the room or how they should get out. This lessened the level of immerson and the quality of the experience itself. The room itself did not bring any further context to the escape experience. 

However, the activity offers a nice bonding experience for friends. To complete the escape within the time constraints, participants must work together to complete puzzles. This creates a need for greater communication between those working in the group and can bring a group closer through solving puzzles in an exciting setting. 

The staff there are very friendly, and if participants do get stuck, there are hints available simply by asking the cameras for assistance. The puzzles are all possible to complete during the time limit as well, while still offering a fun challenge. 

Most other escape rooms in Chattanooga, Atlanta and Kennesaw are slightly more expensive, costing on average $28. In comparison to these other escape rooms, story and level of difficulty of the rooms at the Colosseum are more lacking. In addition, none of the puzzles were very complicated. They could have been made with a trip to Walmart. The setting was pleasant, but it didn’t enhance the overall experience in any particular way. 

While it was a fun activity, it is difficult to say whether the Colosseum was worth $22. The experience offers a sense of accomplishment and team building for participants, but a cheaper price might be necessary to compensate for the lack of a storyline and the average setting.

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