Berry alumnus, World Series pitcher visits

Bryce Koon, Viking Fusion Reporter

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Collin McHugh (09c), pitcher for the Houston Astros, speaks to Berry students and faculty about his time here.

Less than three months ago, Collin McHugh was celebrating a World Series championship as a member of the Houston Astros. On Tuesday, McHugh came back to his alma mater to speak to the student body he used to be a part of.

McHugh traveled around campus all day, talking to different classes and explaining his experiences throughout his journey from Berry Vikings baseball, through the minor leagues and into the major leagues. He visited Brian Carroll’s Sports Communication students to discuss how athletes deal with the media. He met with Mark Howard and the Sports Administration department on his role working with the Player’s Union to negotiate the rights between players and owners. 

McHugh provided insight on the life of a professional baseball player and his journey from Berry to the Houston Astros. He credited his success primarily to hard work, but also to being in the right place at the right time.

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McHugh revisits the Berry baseball field.

“It requires a little bit of luck”, McHugh said, “but hard work allowed for those situations to be presented.” 

Hard work and perseverance were a part of life for the Illinois native. McHugh spent five years in the minor leagues before breaking through with the New York Mets. McHugh thanked friends, families and coaches for encouraging him to continue his journey to the big leagues. He also shared his appreciation for Berry baseball coach David Beasley for coaching him both on the field and in life. 

“Coach Beasley definitely influenced me while at Berry”, McHugh said. “He helped me take my game to the next level, and also helped me during those tough times in the minors and the majors.” 

The hard work paid off in the end for McHugh. The pinnacle of his career came in Game 5 of the 2017 World Series on the mound for the Houston Astros. That game would go down as one of the most memorable world series games in history for sports fans everywhere, and McHugh got the chance to pitch two innings in what would be a historic Astros win. 

Although McHugh feels at home on the Astros pitching staff, he still has a love for Berry. 

“I really enjoyed my time here at Berry and love everything this college offers,” McHugh said.

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