MISP facing changes after director leaves

Cassie LaJeunesse, Campus Carrier Deputy News Editor

At the beginning of winter break, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Lindsey Taylor sent an email to students notifying them of Tasha Toy’s departure from Berry at the end of December. Toy was the director of the Multicultural and International Student Programming (MISP) office but left to pursue a new opportunity. She oversaw the operations of the office, worked with international students and served as adviser to three student organizations through the office: the Berry International Club, In His Name and the Black Student Association (BSA).

In her email, Taylor informed students that the student workers in the MISP office would continue to provide services and answer questions. 

“[Toy] has a great student work team in place,” Taylor said.

Other responsibilities of the office were divided among Taylor and others. Taylor is serving as the “point person” until a replacement is found for Toy. 

According to Taylor, the search for Toy’s replacement has not started yet because some changes are being made to the MISP office. Last May, an outside consultant reviewed the MISP office. Using that report, Taylor and others are working to review and update the mission and vision of MISP. They also want to develop a new position description for the director of MISP to be posted online.

“We think that the office is important to the education of our students, so it’s more important to do it right than to do it quickly,” Taylor said. 

The team is looking to incorporate changes such as a closer partnership with the admissions office. According to Taylor, this could provide a relationship with the office for international students from admission to Berry to graduation. 

They have also looked at expanding the office to serve LGBTQA students at Berry. They hope to find an opportunity to expand the scope of students served through the MISP office. The team also hopes to incorporate a mentoring program and increased parent relations within the office. 

“I don’t know where it will all land, but I think it’s kind of exciting,” Taylor said. “There is some good potential here.”

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