New exhibit makes art out of the mundane

Kendall Aronson, Campus Carrier Asst. Arts & Living Editor

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Travis Head’s “Keelhaul from a journal,” pictured above, is on display along with other pieces of his work until Feb. 8.

Travis Head opened his Moon Gallery exhibition, “Journals and Reading Lists,” on Jan. 8. 

It is a visual exhibit which offers a look into Head’s personal life. He has worked on the exhibit for the past eight years. The work in the exhibit is largely done in pencil or colored pen. There are also photos of sketches and some clothing which he has made using 3D printing. 

“I use drawing to both keep and give an account of myself,” Head said.

The process of getting Head’s work to Berry has been three years in the making. It began when Associate Professor of Art Brad Adams met him at a conference and began discussing the idea of the art show with him. Adams chose Head’s work both because it would be applicable to different art classes offered at Berry and would be interesting to the Berry and Rome communities. 

“We want people to be able to experience the visual arts in a lot of different forms.” Adams said. “We want people to feel there’s a sort of relevance to what they see and that they can sort of participate in the viewing.”

The work focuses on what would normally be considered to be more trivial accounts of Head’s life, like playing video games, watching Netflix and reading. 

“As an adult, I find that my life is characterized more by the mundane than by the momentous, and I find that my work is most honest when it acknowledges trivialities,” Head said. 

Adams said the exhibit takes much more time to mentally process than a traditional photography or visual exhibit. This is largely due to the detail and writing put into each piece of artwork. 

“There’s a density to it of information,” Adams said. “It really takes awhile for it to absorb.”

One of the art pieces, “Quilt Squares,” is a work that Head has been working on since 2015 and continues to add to. It is made up of many individual drawings which are framed and then put together to create a larger piece. Adams said Head hopes to have 99 squares one day. 

Another piece in the exhibit is a collection of photographs of his notebook in different locations during his travels. These photos were sent originally to his girlfriend and to artists who he collaborates with, and they also offer a more personal and real connection.

Adams thinks this exhibit can allow visitors to realize that art can be accessible and can relate to aspects of daily life. 

“I think it’s very unique vision,” Adams said. “It’s very personal work that he makes and it’s very personal thoughts that he makes very public.”

Travis Head will speak in the Moon Gallery about his work on Feb. 8 at 5 p.m. The art exhibit is currently on display and ends on Feb. 8.

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