Guitar instructor reaches community with blog

Jameson Filston, Campus Carrier Arts & Living Editor

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Thrower and his bandmate Sam Green perform for the National Association of Music Merchants.

Sean Thrower, an Artist Affiliate at Berry, runs a blog that provides recsources for guitar enthusiasts of all kinds.

For years, Thrower has had a website where he shares free lessons and interacts with his students. He has had a blog on this site for a long time, but he began focusing on the blog in August. He started a new site called Guitar Ramble. Since then he has had worked to grow his following as he shared both original content and topics he found interesting on the web. 

On the blog, Thrower said that his goal is to promote connections between guitarists of all styles that have an interest in furthering their skills. 

Thrower works on the blog with his bandmate Sam Green, a program manager for the Air Force, who plays with Thrower in their band Terminus Falls.

The two have known each other and played together for years, and they decided to take on this project together. 

The blog will soon expand the content it offers. Thrower will upload his first original YouTube video this week. The videos are part of the growing media the two use to engage with their audience, and will start with videos featuring guitar makers. 

The videos support the site’s cause, which is to increase the visibility of guitar culture and get more people interested in the instrument. The second goal was to support some of the businesses, big and small, that came out to the convention.

Thrower and Green recently traveled to the National Association of Music Merchants in Anaheim, Calif., where the two performed and did video interviews to inform their audience on the products that were at the trade show. Green suggested that they take advantage of their trip to produce content as well as perform. 

There is usually one blog post a week, but Thrower wants to post more often as the blog grows.

“For the time being we don’t want to stress ourselves out, Thrower said. “We have a lot of other projects that we are involved in.”

Despite busy schedules, the two post regularly and are serious about the blog. They hope to increase posts to every other day in the future. 

Green said that he has learned a lot while working with the blog. He was completely new to writing in this way, so there was a lot that he had to figure out. He said that writing for the blog is a challenge, but not one without its benefits.

“I have learned a lot about the process of organizing my thoughts and ideas,” Green said. “It can be a lot of work.”

The blog has found an audience in other countries due to Thrower’s promotion and he wants to continue to develop a diverse audience.

“We want the world of music and the world of guitar to stay strong, and this is our way to help with that,” Thrower said.

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