Richard’s Gym undergoes renovations after damage

Jessie Goodson, Campus Carrier News Editor

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Jessie Goodson | CAMPUS CARRIER
The construction zone is blocked off around Richard’s Gyn, with a sign posted previewing photos of the new renovation.

Richard’s Gym is now under renovations after a Governor’s Honor’s Program (GHP) event over the summer caused damages to the foundation of the building. 

Along with the damage caused by GHP, the floors are from 1937 and were due for a change. Mark Simpson, Assistant Director of the Physical Plant, is helping to manage the project and said that the renovations will bring the building up to meet modern building codes. 

Renovations will include a new foundation as well as new basketball court and dance studio floors. The new floors for the gym and dance floor will be an “action thrust floor system,” engineered for athletic performance. They will have rubber cushioned pads, two layers of subfloor and sheathing and maple flooring. 

“The new Pro Action Floor system will benefit anyone using the facility,” Simpson said. “This new floor is the same system as in the Cage. It has a rubber cushion system and is better for your knees and ankles.” 

Brian Erb, Berry Chief Financial Officer and in charge of the college’s financial planning, said that renovations began in January, and are anticipated to be complete by June. The weight room, coaches offices and BOLD offices will remain open during construction. 

“The new foundation system will ensure the building is in good shape for decades to come,” Erb said.

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