Zumba brings out Berry’s boogie

John Catton, Campus Carrier Features Editor

Leo Narrison, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor

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Photos taken by John Catton
Students perform choreography led by the instruction of Katie Malcolm.

Zumba fever has got Berry College dancing. Over the past three years Zumba class attendance has steadily increased as more and more Berry students are discovering the dance workout routine.

“Its your own personal party,” Junior Erika Cottrell said, “It’s a perfect combination of working out and dancing.”

In fact, with an average of 30 students per session classes, the group is beginning to outgrow its room in the Cage Center.

“We try to cap our classes at 35 people per class,” Katie Malcolm, sophomore Zumba instructor said, “We even have to turn some people away so we aren’t overcrowded.”

So what is attracting so many students to this unique form of working out?

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Katie Malcolm and Junior Erica Cottrell keep up with the music.

“The community here is great,” Malcolm said, “You’re always around people who care. What it means to be Berry really thrives here.”

“We are allowed to go at our own pace,” Sophomore Abigail Collins said.

The diversity of students attending the classes is also very noticeable.

“I love that I get to see people from all over campus come,” Cottrell said. She also noted that there has been a noticeable increase in the number of males attending the classes.

This increased number of students has allowed for Berry to have three new student instructors. In the past, the organization relied on instructors from the Rome YMCA. The growth in interest in Zumba has led to more students interested in instruction.

“My favorite moment as an instructor is when I see someone go from being skeptical about dancing to really getting into it,” Malcolm said.

The instructors’ passion for Zumba is definitely felt by all the students.

“I wish all places had a program like this so I could continue in such a great place after I graduate,” Cottrell said.

Zumba holds classes at 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The organization is also excited to hold Zumbathon, a two-hour continuous Zumba session on Feb. 14.

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