Cultural events deadline approaches

Cassie LaJeunesse, Campus Carrier Deputy News Editor

With changes to the Cultural Events (CE) program last semester, students and faculty are adjusting to new CE requirements. 

Seniors planning to graduate in May must have 24 CE credits, or three for every semester that they have been a full-time Berry student, in order to graduate. This requirement must be completed by April 6. According to Alice Bristow, associate professor of theatre and chair of the CE committee, 243 graduating seniors have yet to complete their CE requirement. There are 16 CE credit events on the calendar before the deadline, and more will be added once the CE committee approves them in March. 

“I’d say we approve probably 90% of (CE events),” Bristow said. “This last meeting, we approved 15, asked two to revise and resubmit and two were rejected.” 

According to Bristow, the CE committee works to ensure that there is not too much overlap between cultural events, so that students have as many opportunities as possible to receive CE credit. A link to the calendar of cultural events is available on the Cultural Events website. 

“If students have concerns, the proper channel is to take these concerns to their SGA representative, who can take it to the academic council,” Bristow said. 

Because the new CE application requires a lecture portion and an opportunity for a question and answer session at each event, many fine arts faculty members have chosen not to apply for CE credit for their events. 

“The requirements for the CE credit have been more constraining on the fine arts and music specifically because our performances do not fit within the parameters of what they are asking for in the guidelines,” Director of Choral Activities Paul Neal said. 

Senior Jamie Collier has seven CE credits left to complete. She has trouble finding time to attend cultural events among her busy schedule of work, homework and social activities. Because of this, she appreciates when CE credits are offered during the day; such as events that occur during the 11 a.m. break on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

“I know that when I go to CE credits I’m learning things, but sometimes it feels more like work,” Collier said. 

If students are unable to complete their CE requirements by the deadline, Bristow said that they should meet with Dean of Academic Services David Slade. According to Slade, it is rare for a student to fail to complete the CE requirement by the deadline. 

“If the student is not going to be able to meet the deadline, I can work with students on an individual, case-by-case basis to navigate what other options there are,” Slade said. “There is no flexibility about the 24-credit requirement. The exceptions are never in the amount of cultural events, it’s in how we get there.”

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