BOLD seeks to build student community

Jameson Filston, Campus Carrier Arts & Living Editor

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Freshman Sam Roopas rides the BOLD swing on Monday. This was one of many opportunities BOLD provides for students to use the ropes course for free.

Most Berry students know of Berry Outdoor Leadership Development program. The high ropes course on main campus is hard to miss; Each Berry student is required to attend a BOLD event during Viking Venture. However, many students don’t interact with BOLD after the first week of their freshman year.

Sophomore Katie Malcolm, BOLD’s Special Events Coordinator, says that BOLD provides outdoor leadership development for groups from on and off campus. 

BOLD hosts open events for the Berry community where they open the ropes course up to Berry students. These give participants the opportunity to do something they don’t usually get to do that is exciting. This is to try to give students an idea of what BOLD is about and help bring students together. 

“We want to create a community for Berry that is focused on outdoor adventure and fun, Malcolm said.

Senior Arielle Minding, Student Director at Bold, said that the student body has misconceptions about what BOLD is. She said that a lot of students only see BOLD at Viking Venture. Both Malcolm and Minding said that they don’t think this helps BOLD make a good impression on students, and both want to change the way BOLD interacts with students during Viking Venture.

Minding said that frequent guests of the ropes course really enjoy their experience, but much of the student population has only their first impression of the program. They want to develop their image to campus, but it is a slow process.

“There are only so many emails we can send before it’s annoying,” Minding said.

Malcolm said that they try to encourage students I the program no matter their goal. This could be completing a course or just reaching the top of the ladder. They want to get the groups out of their comfort zone and make the experience exciting.

“We’re the team that develops teams,” Malcolm said. “We’re here to figure out what you need to work on and work on it with you.”

Anyone can bring a group to BOLD. Even students can schedule a group of ten or more to participate in the course. BOLD charges $5 a person for students, and has higher prices for other types of groups. BOLD does not make a lot of money on the fees, but the fees help offset the high cost of maintaining the course.

“We’re not here to make money,” Malcolm said.” “We’re here to provide for the Berry community.”

In the process of helping other groups grow closer, the students at BOLD develop bonds of their own. Their experience at the ropes course ties them together. 

BOLD doesn’t just serve the Berry community. Groups from around the area come to build team Bonds and have fun together. This includes groups such as sports teams and church groups. Malcolm said that her favorite part of her job is watching all kinds of groups come together to overcome challenges and obstacles.

“You get really close with everyone due to what the nature of BOLD is,” Minding said. “You are literally holding each other’s lives in your hands.”

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