Campus Carrier wins nine awards at press conference

Cassie LaJeunesse, Campus Carrier Deputy News Editor

The Campus Carrier received nine awards from the Georgia College Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest. Among other recognition, the paper was awarded second place for general excellence in its division. 

The awards ceremony took place on Friday at the GCPA Press Institute in Athens, Ga. The Carrier competed in the Senior B Division, which is made up of four-year Georgia colleges and universities with enrollments under 8,000. 

Besides the recognition for general excellence, the newspaper received six staff awards: 

First place − Best Campus Community Service − Sports 

Second place − General Advertising Excellence 

Second place − General Photography Excellence 

Second place − General Layout and Design Excellence 

Second place − Improvement 

Third place − Best Campus Community Service − Editorial Excellence 

Individual awards were divided into groups by class year at date of publication (Group I – freshmen & sophomores, Group II – juniors and seniors). Two Carrier staff members received individual awards: 

Third place (Group I) − Best Entertainment Story − Jameson Filston 

Third place (Group II) − Best Editorial or Editorial Series − Darian Kuxhouse 

“I’m really proud of the work we’ve done this year,” junior Avery Boulware, editor-in-chief of the Carrier, said. “Everyone on the Carrier has been doing great work week after week.” 

Two Carrier staff members were also elected to the executive board of GCPA. Sophomore Jessie Goodson will serve as the president of the executive board and sophomore Kendall Aronson will serve as secretary. 

“It’s been awesome to work alongside such talented people,” Boulware said.

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