Get to Know Your Faculty: Dr. Carroll

Get to know more about Dr. Brian Carroll, the chair of the Communication Department at Berry.

Katie White, Viking Fusion Reporter

carroledit.jpg                                                       Dr. Brian Carroll with his wife, Hisayo Carroll.

This week, the spotlight is on Head of the Communication Department, Dr. Brian Carroll.

Favorite movie: Shakespeare in Love

Favorite restaurant in Rome: It has not yet been built. It would be a New York style pizza parlor. The greasier the better!

Where he would go if he could travel anywhere in the world: the Peloponnesian Islands off of Greece (although Paris is his favorite city in the world).

Favorite hobby: taking historical walks throughout the world, such as Jefferson’s Paris, Sam Spade’s San Francisco and Joyce’s Dublin.

What famous person he would like to have lunch with: Willam Shakespeare, since he has so many questions for him. If there were a third chair, he would choose James Joyce, so he could explain Finnigan’s Wake.


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