Berry students react to gun sales restrictions

Dick’s Sporting Goods and other retail stores announced they will be restricting those under 21 from buying firearms.

Bryce Koon, Viking Fusion Reporter

Two weeks after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced it will remove all assault rifles from its shelves. Dick’s already removed assault rifles from its stores after the Sandy Hook massacre, but it is now removing them from all Field and Stream stores as well. Not only that, they are raising the age limit to 21 when buying firearms. Read the full statement here:


Soon after, L.L. Bean and Walmart followed suit by restricting those under 21 from buying firearms.

Students at Berry have different reactions to this news as some are avid hunters.

Junior Trent Griner, an avid hunter, said the news does not affect him because he uses a shotgun for hunting and only hunts deer. However, many of his friends use automatic rifles to easily switch between hunting different game.

Griner said the automatic rifles have less recoil and allow a hunter to shoot more rounds, making it a better fit for beginners.

Griner also said he often buys ammunition and firearms from Dick’s Sporting Goods because they tend to have lower prices. 

“Them not selling the modern shooting rifle is their own decision but as the consumer I have the decision to either buy or not buy from other competitors,” said Griner.

Senior Marcus Ghee said he hopes this will lead to legislative change.

“No one wants to take guns completely out of the picture or completely away from every person,” Ghee said. “What people are asking for is control.”

Ghee said the political action of the Parkland Shooting survivors makes him hopeful. Ghee said he did not come into his political own until his senior year of high school.

“I think its great because a lot of younger generations get written off… they’re not only getting involved in the future of their own safety but the safety of their peers which I think is commendable.”

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