Top Mexican restaurants in Rome

We tried Mexican restaurants around Rome, and these are our top picks.

Noah Syverson, Viking Fusion Reporter

Romans have their choice of some strong south-of-the-border cuisine. We did the hard work for you, and gave you the quick rundown of our top spots.

4th: El Zarape (picture from El Zarape’s Facebook page)

El Zarape.jpg

Located on Broad Street, this place makes a mean Loco Rice. Vibe is solid, and you can always count on taking in a replay of a thirdtier Mexican league soccer game.


3rd: Las Palmas (picture from Las Palmas’ Facebook page)

Las Palmas.jpg

What’s better than one Mexican restaurant? TWO. This place gets pretty crowded—everybody and their mama loves a margarita. Dollar Taco Night? Now I’m blushing. If you want to start a debate, ask someone which location is better. (But four out of five professionals vote for Shorter Avenue)  


2nd: Vallarta Taqueria (picture from Vallarta Taqueria’s Facebook page)

Vallarta Taqueria.jpg

This one flies under the radar, but it is a great spot on Shorter Avenue. Of the three so far, this feels the most authentic. And, the food is divine. Salsa? You like salsa? They have great salsa.


 1st: Romex Taco Truck (picture from Romex Taco Truck’s Facebook page)


The champ, the granddaddy, the big papa—the winner…is the taco truck. Meals on wheels, baby. Street tacos made in front of you. Tortilla, meat, onions, lime. So simple. So good. They do not really have a specific spot for where they set up each day. Most of the time, they are in West Rome. I usually find them off of Shorter Avenue. Get a Styrofoam container of tacos, sit on the curb and take in a Georgia sunset. Check out their Facebook page for location updates.

Honorable Mention: 

Taco Bell: Makes the list solely due to the cinnamon twisty things. 

Moe’s Southwest Grill: Is it Mexican? Is it Southwest? Does anyone care? Good stuff here. Drawback= telling the person making your food that you want a “Joey Bag of Donuts.” Say that without feeling four years old, I dare you.


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