Berry student finds purpose in music with the Rome Symphony Orchestra

John Catton, Campus Carrier Features Editor

Leo Narrison, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor

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Freshman Joseph Aucion displays his passion for music through his melodic cello performances.

A Berry College student usually wears many hats, participating in a plethora of different activities ranging from sports, arts, meaningful work and academics. Freshman Joseph Aucion is no exception. His pursuit of academic degrees in elective studies in Business and Biochemistry as well as a Music major are almost as unique as he is.

“My passion for music revolves around this central idea that there is a natural flow of sonorous noise that resonates around us at all times,” Aucion said. “I feel that when I play, the music breaks into a deeper region within me that would otherwise remain untouched, connecting me to the rest of the human race as well as with the nature that surrounds me. Music is my greatest source of expression.” 

If academics are his craft, playing the cello is his passion. For those who know Aucion, his cello is an extension of himself, and he is always looking for the chance to share his unique gift whether it be in a talent show, church service or concert hall. 

His 10 year journey with the cello had roots even at birth. He comes from a musical family, with both parents being music majors and his siblings being musicians. Ever since he was in the fourth grade and heard the soundtrack to the film “Jaws,” Aucion has been in love with the cello. 

Then came a Young Artist competition, which gives young, aspiring artists like Aucion the opportunity to play with a professional orchestra, a professional conductor and an enthusiastic audience.

The competition, sponsored by the Rome Symphony Orchestra, has given students this opportunity for eight years and consistently strives to showcase young talent like Joseph’s. 

The competition was very challenging this year, with candidates from all over the state hoping for a chance to play with the RSO. Aucion along with four other candidates were selected to play for the Young Artist’s Competition concert. 

Additionally, Aucion chose to play Saint-Saens’s Cello Concerto in A Minor (Op. 33) for the competition, which has been considered to be the greatest of all cello concertos.

“The piece is fantastic, and it is very enjoyable to listen to as well as perform.” Aucion said. 

Aucion will be performing at the Young Artist competition on Saturday, April 28.

“This is a once in a lifetime experience that not everyone is able to have, and I am so happy that I have been chosen to take part in it.” Aucion said.

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