48 Hour Film Challenge 2018

Here were the parameters that must have been included in the films:

Genre: Survival
Line of dialogue: “Well, it’s not like you killed anyone, right?”
Time: 4-8 minutes.
Fan Favorite: Desperation
Team name: Future is Female Productions
Group members: Allie Pritchett, Katie Ott, Ashley Garcia, Jessica Cotter, and Emily Ramey
Description: Will she make it on time?
Winner and Fan Favorite: Sanctuary
Team name: Action Jackson Productions
Group members: Eric Jackson, Sydney Adams, Wyatt Duemler, Anna Marie Falkenberry, Bryce Wiseman, and Nathan Sims
Description:This film was made as part of Viking Fusion’s 48 Hour Film Challenge.
Team name: Red Top Productions
Group members: Sara Arms, Beth Anne DeKeizer, Lexikay Stokes, Shelby Newland, Olivia Brown, YeJi Han, YeonSu Kim, Noah Syverson, and Britton Ody
Description: Can one voice take away the autonomy of human action?

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