Academic success center offers new programs

by Jessie Goodson, Campus Carrier Features Editors

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Jessie Goodson | CAMPUS CARRIER

Junior Jordan Bradshaw studies in the Academic Success Center.

The Academic Success Center is not just a place for tutoring. Students from every major and background use the center as a place to study, unwind, organize and do simpler things, such as filling out an agenda. The ASC will not turn away any problem, no matter how big or how small. 

In addition to the current ASC office located in Evans 106, the organization recently added a new tutoring and study space with the help of Anna Sharpe, ASC’s tutoring and academic success specialist. The space is located in the Honor’s Commons on the bottom floor of the Memorial Library. Sharpe and the ASC staff have been hard at work to turn the area into a suitable study space.

“It’s a good space to be away from distractions and be able to get things done,” freshman Olivia Mead, ASC’s Creative Coordinator, said.

This new study space is open to students during the week to utilize the space for whatever they want to work on. The center offers on-call student tutors and advisors for certain subjects on particular days of the week. Students can check ASC’s social media and office for information on when a subject is offered. 

Not only is the space used for tutoring, ASC also hosts events and programs throughout the semester to help students get a boost on their classwork. One of these events is called “get something done before one.” One day a week students go into the Honor’s Commons between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to study and sometimes enjoy refreshments provided by ASC. 

They also plan to bring back “build a sundae, build a schedule,” where students can create a schedule and make an ice cream sundae. There will be more new events throughout the semester like, “hot chocolate bar and new year study resolution” and “treat yo self month.” Students are encouraged to attend as many of these events as they would like.

“Every student should do something with the ASC every year,” student worker Lauren Higdon, ASC’s student program coordinator and peer consultant, said. “It’s changing the attitude towards academics.”

With a team of staff and student workers, the Academic Success Center is helping students to ‘study smarter, not harder.’

The ASC provides Berry students with a wide range of resources to help them achieve academic success. With six separate work areas, the ASC offers space for many students. Wilma Maynard, Director of the ASC, said she is passionate about giving every student the chance to grow and learn during their time at Berry.

“We can give students hints and tips on how to study, prepare and organize,” Maynard said. 

Peer tutoring and individual academic consultations offer a more personal approach for students, while the workshops, presentations and ASC sessions can give students the opportunity to study in a larger group setting. The ASC webpage also offers an online library with a variety of resources for students to use on their own. 

The ASC helps students with learning limitations, athletes recovering from an injury or any student who might just want a second pair of eyes to look over their work. 

ASC staff has attempted to create a relaxed and laid-back environment for students to enjoy on their own or with a group of friends and classmates. 

“It opens up a chance to meet people with the same interests as you and to work through your struggles as a team,” Mead said.

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