Shower thoughts, don’t dismiss them

by Claire Voltarel, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

Whether it’s washing away stress-sweat from an organic chemistry test or sponging out the lasting scent of dining hall, many students end their day in the same way: a shower. What is it about showers that make them so relaxing? The lukewarm water barely dripping from the shower head? The clumps of hair stuck to the tiles? 

Okay, so communal showers clearly don’t provide the best scenery for ideas. However, the act of showering can be quite inspiring. According to a survey conducted by Hansgrohe Kitchen and Bath, 72 percent of people experience new ideas in the shower. 

Personally, this statistic wasn’t the least bit surprising. With no distractions, my mind can’t help but to wander into my subconscious, drawing out personal conflicts and ideas. Before an 8 a.m. class or after a long night at the library, I’m not always motivated to shower. However once in, I’m too distracted to acknowledge my laziness. While soaping up my loofah, I actively think in ways I probably should more in my classes. Regardless, showers lead my brain down a line of connections, as I piece together relevant information or ponder some obscure idea. I always leave feeling mentally and physically cleansed.

Value your shower time. It is one of the few moments in a student’s day where being productive doesn’t feel like homework. 

Berry students are known for our busy schedules including work, class and extracurricular activities. When we do find a break, students often check social media, eat with friends or watch Netflix. However, at some point we all dedicate time to shower. This designated 10 – 20 minutes offers solitude and peace. No roommates (hopefully), no homework. 

Some really do value their shower time. According to Hansgrohe’s study, 14 percent of people take a shower for the sole purpose of generating new ideas. While their intentions may appear extreme, this statistic may be something for students to consider. When stuck on your writing-intensive paper or frustrated with an equation, try taking some alone time to shower and maybe a solution will arise.

On the other hand, your shower time can provide the opposite effect. When frustrated with homework, a shower is a great place to step away (with shower shoes on of course) and focus your energy on other things. You may arrive at a solution without even trying. You may also take yourself out of school-mode for a few minutes to ponder other thoughts. 

Either way it’s used, it’s beneficial. Water conservationists may encourage you to do all this in less time, but I say use however long it takes yourself to clean. 

Showers give our inner monologues an opportunity to take the wheel while we let go. Without effort, we become creative and thoughtful problem solvers. Where do you think I came up with this topic?

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