Men’s soccer team robbed over Labor Day

Evan Sale, Campus Carrier Sports Editor

Soccer R.jpg
The men’s soccer team flew into California on Thursday, Aug. 31. Later that day, the team’s van was broken into while they were eating lunch.

The Men’s Soccer Team had a successful Labor Day weekend on the field. Off the field they were not as lucky. The first stop they made after arriving in Oakland, California lead to these problems.

“We picked up our rental vans and drove 15 minutes to an In ‘n Out Burger,” senior Caleb Ford said. “We were eating our food when the manager came out and asked us where our Coach was? We see our coaches outside, so the entire team went outside to see broken glass all over the ground. We were told two men drove up, got out, smashed the window and took as many bags as they could before they were spotted.” 

The thieves were in and out in a matter of seconds, but did serious damage to one van.

“They took three laptops, textbooks, a couple bags of clothes, a couple of jerseys, pairs of cleats and our team’s video camera for film.” 

Sophomore Henry Arato said. Arato said there was about $5,000 worth of merchandise stolen right out of their van. 

A police report was made, but no action has been taken, due to how fast the thieves acted. The team hosting the tournament gave them jerseys that matched Berry’s colors. Overall the soccer team started the season with an unfortunate loss of some gear, but throughout the weekend,The Vikings made up for the loss starting their season off undefeated beating the Pacific University Boxers 1-0 and beating the Univeristy of California Santa Cruz Banana Slugs 3-2. 

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