New fall shows have something for everyone

Commentary by Jameson Filston, Campus Carrier Arts & Living Editor

Fall semester has begun, and with it comes the start of a season of stress. Fortunately television here to help with a large selection of premiers. Whether you need to destress or have something to watch during “study breaks,” this lineup has everything you need to distract you from looming deadlines.

First on my list is The Good Doctor. This medical drama by the creator of House features a gifted young doctor with high functioning autism and savant syndrome. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) must handle the skepticism of his peers as he saves lives. The trailer shows a mixture of genius and social struggle that is reminiscent of Sherlock. This show promises to shed light on the challenges that someone with a mental disability must face while tapping into the gratification of shows like Sherlock and House. “The Good Doctor” will premiere on Sept. 25 on ABC.

If you want to see some action, grab some snacks and get ready for Ten Days in the Valley. This drama will air Oct. 1 on ABC and follows Jane Sadler (Krya Sedgwick), a television producer, after her daughter goes missing. The trailer is engaging and fast paced, and it hints at a high-stakes story that will be full of twists.

One show is going back to where no viewer has gone before with a new Star Trek. Star Trek: Discovery will premiere Sept. 24 on CBS and is a prequel to the famous series from the 1960s. The prequel will take place 10 years before the events of the original series and focus on Michael Burnham, (Sonequa Martin-Green) the first officer. The stunning graphics and intriguing plot on display in the trailer suggest that this show will be popular with audiences both new and old. This show takes on a new angle by following a main character who is not the captain of the Enterprise. 

If you prefer a show that is a bit more down-to-earth, you may like The Gifted. This Marvel show portrays a normal suburban family whose lives are upended when the two children are outed as mutants. According to Fox’s website, the family is forced to run from a hostile government and team up with an underground network of mutants to survive. This looks like it will be an exciting new take on the mutants in the Marvel universe. The pilot will air Oct. 2.

A new show that is good for de-stressing with a laugh will be The Mayor. This comedy is about Courtney Rose (Brandon Micheal Hall), an aspiring rapper who accidentally gets himself elected mayor as a publicity stunt. The trailer portrays a feel-good show about a young man improving his city in a way he never thought possible with the help of his mother, friends and the community. The Mayor will premiere Oct. 3 on ABC.

For another comedy, look for Me, Myself & I, a sitcom that will premiere on CBS on Sept. 25. This show has a new premise in a unique format. It follows the life of Alex Riley (Jack Grazer, Bobby Moynihan and John Larroquette) in three stages: young, middle aged and older. The same themes are shown carried through all three stages of his life. While clever, the trailer featured cheap humor that may get old quickly. However, this show is breaking new ground and has the potential to be very interesting.

This fall has what promises to be a very interesting lineup of television shows. There are many spread across every genre, so you are sure to find a show that is right for you. Instead of watching The Office for the umpteenth time, maybe it’s time to try something new.

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